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We offer flexible solutions for your SWFL area rental home

- Our Entry Level Option -

7% of monthly rent
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Tenant Screening
  • Reporting & Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Tenant Relation Management
  • Eviction & Utility Shutoff Oversight

- Our Most Popular -

9% of monthly rent
  • Includes all Streamline Services, PLUS:
  • 1 Free Inspection per Year
  • Yearly Cap on Repair Expenses
  • 75% commission on the home's rental

- Our Premier Service -

11% of monthly rent
  • Includes all TLC Services, PLUS:
  • 2 Free Inspections per Year
  • No charge for repairs under $200
  • 50% commission on the home's rental

Discover Our Services

We cover all of your property management needs

Property Marketing

We use both traditional and online advertising to get your home as much attention as possible. Our team fields questions, shows the home, and more.

Tenant Screening

All would-be tenants must meet our strict internal screening guidelines. We use background & financial checks to qualify applicants and only place the best renters in your home.

Rent Collection

Keep your earnings coming in on time each month with our team handling your tenant accounts. We send out invoices, process incoming payments, & keep everything current.


Every home needs a bit of upkeep and maintenance from time to time. We handle maintenance requests, dispatch workers to fix the issue, and take care of invoicing, too.

Property Inspections

Our rental team aims to visit every home we manage multiple times throughout the year. These visits help us keep a close watch on what's happening behind the scenes.

Financial Reporting

It's easy to monitor your financial performance with our in-depth monthly reports. We carefully document your earnings & expenses and provide recurring statements.


Our tenant screening process helps us avoid many eviction situations, but if a tenant relationship ever sours, we'll help you remove them from your rental home.

Legal Guidance

Don't let tricky fair housing guidelines or local property ordinances trip you up. Instead, let our team keep you compliant and protect your financial interests.

Why New Level?

Discover what makes us the right fit for you.

01. We Keep You Informed & Connected

We take our jobs as property managers seriously. We do all of the hard stuff for you, but make sure you're always aware of what's taking place in your property. Have questions? We're always happy to take your phone calls and emails.

02. Florida Tenant Law is Our Specialty

Florida rental owners have a laundry list of laws that should be kept top of mind when managing your property. Our team monitors these for you and makes certain your rental home respects all relevant guidelines.

03. Powerful Technology Keeps Us On Our Toes

Some property managers still do the pen and paper thing, but we use cutting-edge technology to keep us in connection with clients and tenants. Vacancy listings, online rent payments, maintenance coordination—you name it, we make it possible to handle online.

04. Our Trustworthy Team Knows Southwest Florida

When it comes to choosing a property manager for your home, you need a partner that knows the local area and has a proven track record of integrity. We fit the bill on both fronts. Work with us and you'll receive trustworthy service from a team of dedicated experts.

Hear From Our Clients

Alfredo Garcia Proveyer

Satisfied Client

"I have been dealing with this company for over 3 years now. The three words I would use to describe them would be these ones: HONESTY, RESULTS and PROFESSIONALISM, just like that with Capital Letters. They work and in the reality are an excellent team which works as a family and also make you feel as part of their family."

Jake Spanberger

Satisfied Client

"I wasn't sure if I wanted a property manager thinking they were too expensive. However, after dealing with tenant headaches for far too long, I gave New Level a try. I literally have to do NOTHING with my rental units besides wait for my rent to hit the bank account. No more headaches. What else could you ask for? They are great. I highly recommend them."

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